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    of law and protecting the safety of life and property of Hong Kon▓g citizens."The ambassador finished by appealing▓ to the

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    British people. "There are 300,000 British citi▓zens and more than 700 British companies in Hong Kong," he s▓aid. "Continued chaos in Hong Kong

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    will bring nothing but harm to the UK."I sincerely hope that British people who have the larger ▓picture in mind will have a clear understanding o

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f the ▓current situation. I hope they will support the SAR Government in ending violen▓ce, restoring order and upholding the rule of law."Meanwhile the

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UK government said it was concerned▓ by the violence on "all sides."A spokesma▓n for Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: "We remain seriously concerned by the situation in Hong Kong and the escalation of violence between protesters and police. We continue to urge for calm and re

t▓he same time, they are piling blame on Ho▓ng Kong police who are performing their duty, safe▓guarding the rule